Jon Huntsman was a visionary who ran for President during the 2012 election. He would later bow out to Mitt Romney who lost to Barack Obama. Click to view some great video’s from Jon’s campaign run.

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Jon Huntsman 2012 Presidential Campaign

Jon Huntsman announced that he would be running for office as a Republican candidate for President of the United States on June 21, 2011. As former Governor of Utah and US Ambassador to China, Huntsmen presented himself as a fiscal conservative and foreign policy moderate. His 2012 presidential campaign ran until January 15, 2012, when he withdrew and endorsed fellow candidate Mitt Romney.

Kicking off the CampaignElection2012

Jon Huntsman made the formal announcement that he would be running for president in Liberty State Park. With the Statue of Liberty as a backdrop, Huntsman delivered an inspiring speech that kicked off his campaign. Just one day later, he had raised more than a million dollars through fundraising efforts. Despite a personal net-worth estimated to be somewhere between $11 and $74 million dollars, Huntsman only contributed around $2 million to his own campaign. He strongly believed that the money needed to be raised through contributions in order to have a legitimate chance of securing the presidency.

On a side not it has been interesting to see the way in which a campaign need funding from Super Pacs and investors in this years election. As we have seen with Donald Trump he has received a lot less money from Super Pacs and private donors then Jeb Bush. Whether or not this will be good for the republican party I’m not sure. In 2017 Trump may be asking himself did I choose the right?

Campaign Staff

Huntsman’s campaign manager was Susie Wiles, who had previously run a successful gubernatorial campaign for Rick Scott in Florida. This was a strategic choice, with the hope of having Huntsman win Florida’s early primary election. Wiles left the campaign on July 21, 2011, and was replaced by Matt David. Neil Ashdown, who had previously served as Huntsman’s chief of staff in Utah, came on board as deputy campaign manager. Other key staff members included Conyers Davis in the role of campaign operations director, Tim Miller as spokesperson for Huntsman, and John Weaver as chief political strategist.


On August 11, 2011, Huntsman participated in a debate in Iowa co-sponsored by Fox News, the Republican Party of Iowa, and the Washington Examiner. He pointed out that he was a fiscal conservative, and used examples of his ability to compromise while serving as Governor of Utah to highlight his efforts. At another GOP debate in the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library on September 7, 2011, Huntsman stated that Utah was the top state for job creation during his time as governor.

Poll Results

Huntsman’s campaign received a boost when he was endorsed by Tom Ridge, former governor of Pennsylvania and Secretary of Homeland Security. He focused his efforts on winning New Hampshire, and polls showed him coming in 3rd that fall. He also received endorsements from several newspapers in the state. Despite holding more than 100 campaign events throughout the state, he still lagged behind Mitt Romney, who polls showed was receiving 39%, while Huntsman had just 11% of likely voters.

Ending the Campaign

Huntsman ultimately finished 3rd in the New Hampshire primary held in January of 2012, with just 17% of the votes. He began focusing on South Carolina, and received a major endorsement from newspaper The State, South Carolina’s largest. Despite this, his expectations had lowered considerably.

Huntsman formerly announced his withdrawal from the 2012 presidential campaign on January 15, 2012. He came out in support of Mitt Romney, endorsing his former rival. Jon Huntsman’s 2012 presidential campaign was brief, and ultimately unsuccessful. However, Jon did get to do what he loved for a short while and you can see additional photos of him on our photo page.