Current State of the Republican 2016 Election

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This election has been especially interesting to Republicans all around. Whether you side with Trump, Bush, Rubio, or someone else I think we can all agree we have never seen anything like it. The major reason for this is that we have never seen a candidate like Donald Trump. He has changed the very fabric of the Republican party whether you like him or not. In my opinion he has only exposed some of the ugly sides of the American people. I think Mitt Romney did an excellent job of showing Trumps problems as a candidate. If you haven’t see the video check it out here.


As you can see Mitt had some interesting words to say for Donald Trump. What’s the most telling part of this entire store is the way in which Donald Trump responded as seen below.


In the video Donald says that Mitt wanted his support and money so bad that he was willing to get down on his knees. Now you need to ask yourself how in the World is anyone supporting a candidate that would say something like this? When has there ever been a time a Presidential candidate spoken like this? To be honest I couldn’t find a single time in my research. So whether you love or hate the man you can’t ignore he says some really messed up things. But he continues to roll and get support, so it will be interesting to see what happens in Florida and beyond. Stay tuned for the latest on political news and opinions right here at Jon 2012.

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